MagneGas Corporation announced its involvement in a new partnership that aims to adapt its proprietary hydrocarbon combustion process for use in coal-fired electrical plants. The Tampa-based technology company did not identify its equal partner in the new joint venture, known as Supplemental Energy Solutions LLC, nor the capitalization of the project. Other details were similarly spare.

MagneGas stated that first phase of its joint-venture agreement calls for testing MagneGas fuel “with a major utility research center in the U.S.,” an effort that it said has approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The alternative fuel, also known as MagneGas, is a hydrogen-based formulation that can be processed from industrial, municipal, agricultural, and military liquid wastes, with the appropriate governmental permits.  MagneGas Corp. commercialized its waste-to-fuel conversion method about four years ago, and it has stated the “clean burning” hydrogen fuel may be used for various commercial or process applications, such as welding or cutting, process gas, metal working, cooking, heating, powering bi-fuel automobiles, and more

The gas is produced through a patented refining process, known as Plasma Arc Flow, which has been licensed to several fabricating and scrap processing operations, as well as to numerous distributors that supply welding and process gases to other fabricators and manufacturers.

The MagneGas fuel also tested by General Motors Corp., at its Grand Blanc Weld & Tool Center, in Michigan.

Now, in association with the new of its joint venture and utility testing program, MagneGas stated that “preliminary internal testing” is in progress for a larger combustion unit, with positive results to date.

“The 20% carbon-dioxide reduction and other emission improvements seen in Sydney, Australia and at the MagneGas headquarters in Florida are being replicated consistently,” according to a statement. “The company believes these results may offer power companies and other industries a significant value.

"The positive internal test results and the formation of Supplemental Energy Solutions LLC are important steps in executing the verification, demonstration, and ultimate marketing of the MagneGas Co-Combustion technology to coal electric power utility companies," according to MagneGas CEO Ermanno Santilli.