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on Jun 9, 2014

After looking at the pictures in your gallery I think your trying to pull my leg. That ironwork looked clean of insulation. And, as far as paint is concerned, so what. If you can't cut through ironwork that is painted then there is something wrong with the person that is doing the cutting. Through my 39 years as a Journeyman Pipefitter God knows how many times I've cut out iron work that is painted. To use paint as a excuse is just that,a "EXCUSE". And, havinf insulation on the ironwork, that's nothing new there either. I think that someone just wanted to use a more expensive cutting procedure and the people of that fair town got hosed as usual. As far as the green movenment, that's what you youngsters are pushing. Not us old timers, we were GREEN long before you came onto this planet & it was you youngsters that did all the poluting.

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