The Optrel e3000 is a NIOSH-approved Powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) that optimizes welder uptime while minimizing distractions. Designing the system for welders working in extreme conditions — including projects involving hazardous chemical emissions — the developers emphasized that personal comfort can be improved to enhance productivity. 

“Welders who require respiratory protection are most likely working in hot environments or in confined spaces, and require the highest degree of concentration,” explained Optrel vice president Renee S. Bessette. “We designed the Optrel e3000 specifically to ensure that welders are comfortable and not distracted by their equipment when they work.” 

In this regard, the principal innovation of the e3000 is its two-channel air distribution function, inside the helmet.  It delivers clean air to both the mouth and nose for breathing, and to the forehead for cooling. Welders can adjust the air flow to three levels (200 - 240 NL / minute) depending on environmental requirements or personal comfort preferences.

The e3000’s design also minimizes distractions to the welder when working. The hose connections to both the helmet and belt-based blower unit swivel to ensure full range of movement, reducing the potential for tangling or snagging on surrounding structures or equipment. 

Flow sensors perform an automatic air flow check at start-up, eliminating the need for welders to check the system manually every time it is used.

Audible alarms alert welders of a missing or clogged filter, or when the battery is low.

Welders can access the e3000 controls easily on the belt-based blower without removing gloves or the unit itself. 

The system is certified to the highest NIOSH protection class, P100 (42 CFR 84). HEPA class Th3 filters block more than 99.8% of particulates, maximizing protection from exposures to Hexavalent chromium and other particulates commonly found when working with stainless steel, high chrome alloys, and chrome-coated metals.

The e3000 can be used with Optrel’s e680, e670, or e650 helmets, and can be used in all welding processes. 
It is available through safety and welding distributors in the United States and Canada.