The new line of autodarkening Ultrashade welding helmets offer a new design with new graphics without sacrificing quality or safety. The helmets eliminate the need to lower or lift the helmet at the start or stop of a weld. As a weld arc is detected, the helmets automatically darken within milliseconds to the correct level of shade protection. They provide top optical quality, comfort features, and rugged construction. All of the helmets feature solar power, electronics, Swiss optics, a fully adjustable ergonomic design for comfort, and a two-year warranty. Features include: a sleek shape and new edge lip to help shed spatter and fume; extended shell design to provide more coverage on the head and neck; and a front opening that accepts industry standard 4 1 /2 x 5 1 /4 in. clear spatter shields. The Platinum II features an automatic, continuously adjustable shade protection (9-13) with a knob and a selectable fast or slow dark-to-light switching option time. The Silver model features automatic protection levels 10 or 11 with a switch. Three graphic options are available. All models also feature a sensor bar to eliminate the influences of surrounding light, a solar light to eliminate the need for an on/off switch or batteries, and a CSA and ANSI Z87-certified bonded, four-layer optic.

Lincoln Electric