Several current and former manufacturers of welding consumables won their case Feb. 11 in the Alameda County (California) Superior Court, in a dispute over the alleged harmful effects of welding fumes.

A jury returned the verdict after less than a half of a day of deliberation, saying that welding fumes did not cause the plaintiff's injury.

John Beisner, the lawyer represents the welding consumable manufacturers, said the jury verdict is further proof that the numerous welding fume cases filed by plaintiffs over the past several years have no merit.

“This California jury, which returned a defense verdict after less than half a day of deliberation, adds to the growing list of juries across the county — in both federal and state court — who continue to hear plaintiffs' claims and reject them. The jury's finding that welding fumes did not cause plaintiff's injury supports what these defendants have always contended: There is simply no link whatsoever between welding fumes and Parkinson's disease,” Beisner said in a prepared statement.

“Notably, this entire litigation has been marked by thousands of dismissals and numerous frauds,” Beisner continued. “Since January 2006, plaintiffs have moved to dismiss thousands of cases in the multidistrict litigation proceeding, nearly 60 percent of their claims, and the total number of cases pending against the welding defendants has dropped by more than 50 percent.” Beisner added that the plaintiffs also were forced to dismiss five cases that were ready for trial due to fraud.

“The welding consumable manufacturers are confident they will ultimately prevail in these cases, and will continue to try those cases not dismissed on other grounds,” Beisner said.