The 2004 line up of auto-darkening helmets features a new replaceable battery/ solar assist Performance series lens technology. The lenses will be available on the full line of auto-darkening helmets, including the XLi, XLix, and Big Window Elite Helmet Series. One of the major improvements is the replaceable battery/solar assist feature of the lenses. The lens for the XLi and XLix is powered for 2,000 hours and the lens for the big Window Elite Series runs for 3,000 hours because it has two batteries. The XLi Series helmet is ideal for the hobbyist and all light-duty industrial welding applications, including MIG, STICK, and DC inverter TIG arcs down to 10 A. The XLix Series is the mid-range helmet for hobbyists through professionals. It is well suited for the operator who is welding eight hours a day at TIG, MIG, STICK, and pulsed applications. The 1/20,000 sec. lens provides clarity for low amperage TIG and out-of-position welding. The XLi and XLix helmets are equipped with two independent sensors. The Big Window Elite Series is the ultimate helmet for all welding applications and is designed to satisfy demanding requirements. The features include four independent arc sensors and a 30 percent larger lens window than the standard helmets. The larger window provides maximum viewing capability while retaining full four oz. weight edge.

Miller Electric