Sciaky, which developed an electron-beam welding technology used in additive manufacturing, reports it has a purchase order for one of its systems from an unnamed manufacturer of aerospace parts. The value of the sale, the date of delivery, and the specific types the parts to be produced, were not announced.

Recently, Sciaky announced it is making its EBAM (electron beam additive manufacturing) system available for purchase, after several years of offering custom part production.

The new order is the first of two, multi-million dollar orders for Sciaky’s EBAM system since the commercial availability was announced, both from large manufacturing concerns. Sciaky added its is working with “over a dozen other companies and entities” in aerospace, defense, and manufacturing sectors to supply EBAM systems.

In addition to developing additive manufacturing systems for metal parts, Sciaky supplies electron-beam and arc welding systems, as well as job shop/contract welding services, for manufacturers

"Sciaky is proud to partner with this major aerospace parts manufacturer," stated general manager Mike Riesen. "The EBAM system will certainly give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Like all additive manufacturing or 3D printing processes, EBAM draws data from CAD programs to define a pattern an electron beam gun that deposits material from a wire feedstock. Following the pattern, the material is laser sintered, until three-dimensional structures are produced.

Because of the size of its work space, or “build envelope” (110x110x110 in./LxWxH) the EBAM process is notable for its ability to produce large-dimension, near-net-shape parts in critical materials, with time and cost savings over machining (i.e., “subtractive” manufacturing), and with no waste of high-value material as chips or shavings.