Promotion Nest Software has options to maximize shape-cutting productivity, including a Cost Calculator for better steel plate utilization and an updated Bridging Feature to save money on consumables. The software is available for use with iCNC controls in the office with PCs operating on a Windows-based platform. Free demos of the software can be downloaded at the company's website. The Cost Calculator allows machine operators and office management to determine actual costs associated with any nested plate. It can be used as a tool for quoting and estimating jobs, providing effective material management, procurement, and cost-savings. The software also has an enhanced module for Interlocking Shapes and Parts Bridging. This feature reduces consumable costs by enabling operators to cut multiple parts in a nested late with a single pierce. Using point-and-click functionality, machine operators can save companies money on torch tip replacement and reducing the production time required to move torches up and down for each pierce. It includes other advanced features such as a Macro Shape Library for easy shape creation. The software can read DXF drawings and ESSI/EIA coded programs; and it eliminates the need to redraw shapes created by CAD. This also enables users to automatically create cutting programs in ESSI/EIA code for any CNC system as an option. Point-and-click software simplifies other operator capabilities including the setting of pierce points, cutting directions, cutting order, chain cutting, copying, mirroring, and moving. Advanced options include a remnant plate stock management database, automatic torch spacing, multi-torch nesting, microCAD, and federate.

ProMotion Controls, Inc.