Broadwind Energy Inc. reported new orders totaling $87 million from a U.S. manufacturer of wind turbines, its fourth and largest such announcement this year. Broadwind is a machining and fabricating organization that lists wind-energy projects as one of its specialities. It also machines gears and gearing systems for wind energy, oil-and-gas and mining applications, and offers remanufacturing service for wind turbine gearboxes and blades.

The current year has seen a surge in Broadwind’s orders for wind towers, following the federal government’s reauthorization of production tax credits for wind-energy projects. Since February, the Illinois-based manufacturer has reported orders totaling $200 million.

The company recently forecast it would reach full production capacity next year, producing 500 wind towers. "We see 2014 being a record year in our tower business, and we are very focused on expanding our production capacity in our existing footprint through some of our continuous improvement initiatives," Broadwind Energy president and CEO Peter C. Dupreysaid.

Broadwind and three other domestic manufacturers of wind towers also are benefitting from the International Trade Commission’s favorable ruling on their petition that wind tower producers in China and Vietnam were unfairly dumping their products in the U.S. market.

"Broadwind's tower business continues to benefit from the rebound of the U.S. wind energy industry as a result of the Production Tax Credit extension and the continuing decline in the cost of electricity from wind energy," Duprey stated. "As we continue to meet the demand for domestically produced wind towers, we have now extended our market visibility well into 2014."

Not all is ideal in the domestic market, however: Nordex USA announced it will discontinue production of nacelles for wind turbines at its plant in Jonesboro, Ark.

Broadwind will produce the new towers at its plants in Manitowoc, Wis., and Abilene, Tex. Most of the products are scheduled for delivery in 2014.