Leading provider of online training for the manufacturing industry, ToolingU.com, has released three new training subjects: robotics, rigging, and welding.

The new welding training enhances the existing curriculum. “The new content adds to our existing welding classes,” said vice president Chad Schron. “A number of our customers wanted to see oxy-fuel welding and more on visual weld inspections.”

The existing welding training focused primarily on the most common arc welding processes, which use electricity to heat the base metal. The new training content addresses oxy-fuel welding, visual inspection of welds, and plasma cutting.

$3 Million in Machinery Added to MTI's Contract Welding Services

Manufacturing Technology Incorporation's (MTI) has added $3 Million in machinery, increasing capacity 40%. This in turn will “provide faster turnaround, increased technical capability, and provide customers better solutions and higher returns for their manufacturing needs.”

The three new friction stir welders were added as well as a linear friction welder to the current contract welding facility. Additionally, all current machinery was in place and brought online by the end of August.