MagneGas Corporation reportedly has acquired a new site in Tarpon Springs, Florida, that it plans to develop as a manufacturing center for its proprietary MagneGas refineries. The process units are sold or licensed to manufacturers, gas processors and distributors to produce the hydrogen-based MagneGas fuel.

Tampa-based MagneGas developed and patented the Plasma Arc Flow process that is the basis of its refining units. The system gasifies liquid waste from industrial, municipal, agricultural, and military sources into a “clean burning” hydrogen fuel, the MagneGas fuel, that is used for various commercial or process applications, such as welding or cutting, process gas, metal working, cooking, heating, powering bi fuel automobiles, and more

MagneGas Corp. commercialized its waste-to-fuel conversion method about three years ago, and has licensed it to fabricators who use it as cutting fuel or process gas, and to distributors.

The cost of the new manufacturing operation has not been announced MagneGas said the operations has 48 covered 24 x 44-ft. bays for assembly of at least 30 MagneGas refineries. The scale of improvements needed at the site was not described, but the company plans to begin operation there in Q3 2012 for fabricating, assembly, and testing of the MagneGas refineries.

"We've spent much of 2012 educating the marketplace on the benefits of MagneGas,” stated Ermanno Santilli, CEO. “One of the major advantages of our fuel is that it can be produced in refineries that are small, easy to transport, and easy to install. As our customers have recognized the benefits of having a refinery on site, we've seen increased interest and are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to ensure we meet demand,"