New 150-amp consumables

Hypertherm ( has added a 150-amp consumable set to its Centricut brand of consumables.

The 150-amp consumables set – nozzles and electrodes – joins the company’s line of Innerlogic ProLine 2200 consumables that were introduced in May. The line was introduced with four versions of consumables at 50 amp, 70 amp, 100 amp and 200-amp ratings.

Hypertherm said its Centricut brand consumables provide longer life and better cut quality, and can lower the operating cost of its ProLine 2200 equipment. The company said the increased performance and lower operating cost are due to innovations it has made in its SilverLine electrodes and CoolFlow nozzles.

SilverLine electrode technology involves welding a solid silver front end to a copper electrode base and inserting a hafnium pin into the silver. The CoolFlow nozzle technology offers improved conduction cooling, O-ring cooling and seal reliability. Additionally, the company said the technologies eliminate flow stagnation and any leaks into the plasma chamber.