Hobart Brothers (www.Hobartbrothers.com) has introduced its Hobart Boilermaker family of low alloy stick electrodes to meet the challenges of tough boiler tube repairs and minimize weld rejects on these critical applications. The family, which includes Boilermaker 18 (AWS E7018, E7018-1), Boilermaker 18A1 (E7018-A1), Boilermaker B2 (E8018-B2) and Boilermaker B3 (E9018-B3) stick electrodes, has been formulated to provide X-ray quality welds with no starting or stopping porosity.

The stick electrodes accommodate a wide variety of welding styles and also provide several distinct characteristics such as low spatter levels and an easily removed slag to reduce downtime for post-weld cleaning and minimize the need for rework. The company said the products' excellent bead wash and reliable arc starts and stops ensure good weld quality with no porosity. Boilermaker stick electrodes burn evenly, especially when welding pick-ups on the tube sides, making them especially forgiving for welding operators to use.

Because the Boilermaker stick electrodes operate from 75 to 90 amps, they can be used to weld on both thin- and heavy-walled boiler tubes without burn-through, saving time and lowering costs for changing stick electrodes.

Boilermaker B2 electrodes are available in 0.0937-in. diameter 12-inch lengths allowing welding operators to bend the electrode to fit in tight spaces common to boiler tube repairs and also allowing for non-stop welding, again lessening the chance of starting and stopping porosity. All of the other Boilermaker products are available in 0.0937- and 0.125-in. diameters in 14-in. industry standard lengths.

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