Hougen Manufacturing — developer of a mag drill annular cutter and manufacturer for magnetic drills — introduced what it called the first pilot light to the magnet of their new models of drills. The three new models of magnetic drills, the two-speed HMD905, the heavy-duty two-speed HMD917, the two-speed power-feed HMD927, and the redesigned HMD904, each includes an LED light in the magnet.

This feature shines light along the bottom of the cutting teeth and over the pilot tip that extends from the end of the cutter. By illuminating this area, the operator is able to see the pilot point and center punch of the hole easily, which increases operator productivity and hole location accuracy.

The new light vastly improves visibility in two ways: in low-light to no-light conditions it sheds light on the pilot point; in brighter conditions the LED light helps to counteract the shadows from the light.

The new light works on a simple on/off switch located on the drill’s control panel. The operator can easily turn on the LED light to line up the pilot point. Then, if desired, he or she can switch off before drilling.

The high-output, long-life LED light is built into the magnet and protected from possible damage of chips, coolant and debris.

In addition to the new magnetic drills with the pilot light, Hougen Manufacturing provides machine shops, fabricators, construction and installation crews, and maintenance personnel with a range of holemaking equipment, from lightweight ultra-low profile drills to large, heavy-duty multi-speed production style magnetic drills.

Other products include a wide assortment of magnetic drill accessories that broaden their application potential, plus a wide range of “12,000-Series” annular cutters, heavy-duty industrial annular cutters for machining applications and cutters for holemaking in sheet metal and plate.