MagneGas Corporation has identified a new distributor for its hydrogen-based fuel — a product it describes as “essentially interchangeable with natural gas” for metalworking, heating, and other industrial and commercial uses. AccuGas LLC, Jackson, Mich., agreed to distribute MagneGas fuel. The length and other terms of the distributor agreement were not announced.

"Our partnership with AccuGas allows MagneGas to effectively and efficiently penetrate the southern Michigan market," stated Bryan George, MagneGas senior vice president sales & distributor relations. "We are excited about the growth prospects with AccuGas, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

MagneGas fuel is a “clean burning” gas produced by a process that Tampa-based MagneGas Corp. developed and patented, and has licensed to several manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors in the U.S. and overseas. That process — Plasma Arc Flow — gasifies liquid industrial, municipal, agricultural, and military wastes into the hydrogen-base fuel. In addition to the industrial applications, the fuel reportedly can be used for cooking or powering bi-fuel vehicles, according to the developer.

In one important application, MagneGas fuel was licensed by General Motors to evaluate its effectiveness as metalworking fuel for its Grand Blanc Weld & Tool Center, an automotive body metal fabricating plant in Flint, Mich. GM conducted trials of the fuel in place of carbon-based acetylene.

Michigan already has one two other distributors for MagneGas, Blue Water Industries in New Baltimore, and GTW Welding Supplies Inc. in Greenville. Other distributors are in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. The company said the AccuGas agreement is part of a strategy to sell the fuel through independent regional distributors.

"It is always our goal to provide our present and new customers the opportunity to evaluate and use products that will enhance their gas cutting and heating operations. We feel that with our newly created alliance with MagneGas, we can provide customers a product that offers not only a highly efficient process, but achieves their goals with creating a greener, cost-effective method. This product is something truly rare that can meet all that criteria," stated Mark Poupard, Owner of AccuGas. "It has been a real pleasure and we welcome our alliance to demonstrate a truly exciting product in our market area that fits so many of our customer needs."