CONCOA introduced a gas blender it stated is easy-to-use and lets industrial GTAW (TIG) or GMAW (MIG) welding operators customize blended gas mixtures with precision, on-site . The BlendMaster 657 Series provides 0 to 25% blend adjustability for two-component gases. Blending pure argon and carbon dioxide gases, the BlendMaster 657 enhances quality by maintaining +/- 1.5% accuracy, according to the developer, and eliminates the problem of stratified high-pressure cylinders in storage. That aspect will increase productivity for an operation by minimizing the time and difficulty of handling gas cylinders.

Concoa’s EquiBlend™ technology allows for full flow regardless of the mix or blend ratio, in contrast to fixed-orifice technology. A pressure equalization system minimizes inlet pressure fluctuations to stabilize the mix, broadening the inlet pressure range difference between the major and minor component gases.

The BlendMaster also is compatible with a various cryogenic supply sources, such as liquid cans, micro-bulk, and bulk gas supply systems. The low inlet pressure range allows for accurate mixing even while supply sources are filled.

An optional low-pressure remote alarm can be integrated with other building systems via contact interface to provide a higher level of systems integration.  

The BlendMaster 657 can be installed as a wall-mounted or floor-mounted unit, and provides up to 1,750 SCFH at delivery pressures from 10 to 50 PSIG. A lockable enclosure ensures process control, and an integral line regulator supports flowmeters, regulators, and flowmeter installations.

Other options include a continuous binary analyzer for single or multiple gas types. Power requirements are 110 or 220 VAC, and ambient atmosphere and gas supply temperature requirements are 32°F to 100°F (0° to 38°C).