The Precision TIG 185 offers professional-level features such as: Micro-Start Technology for stable arc starting, even at low amperages, and minimizing high frequency and hot starting normally required to start the arc; Auto-Balance, which takes the guess work out of setting optimal cleaning and penetration levels and allows for manual adjustment by the operator to tailor the machine's welding characteristics to his preference; and standard pulse controls, which controls heat input and features a visual pulsing light to make setting the rate easy. The machine offers operating range as low as 5 A for thin materials and up to a maximum of 185 A for heavier applications. These capabilities make the machine easy-to-use for the beginning welder, and more advanced functions for the advanced user. A built-in, top-mounted parts storage compartment, and detachable, side-mounted hanger for torch, cable, or helmet storage are included as well. The UltraFlex torch cable helps to reduce operator fatigue, while the easy-to-use panel features large knobs for adjustment with a gloved hand. The unit's operational card adds a sizable storage bin for a remote output control and cables, a low-lift shielding gas bottle platform, and multiple filler rod stands.

Lincoln Electric