Downdraft Tables provide a modular, portable, adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding, and other finishing processes. They offer the flexibility to configure a worktable to exactly meet application needs. The table draws contaminants away from worker vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazard to workers in surrounding areas. Special deflectors create an even draft across the surface. The tables can be connected to an existing exhaust or filtration system. CFM and velocity can be selected. The modular design means the tables can be used individually or in groups. They are moveable around the shop and height adjustable to allow workers to sit or stand. Heavy-duty components built from heavy gauge steel provide a durable work surface. Tables come standard with heavy steel grating that provides a good welding and grinding work surface. Customizing options are available.

Micro Air Clean Air Systems