Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. ( has introduced its first 200-amp water-cooled TIG welding systems: the Dynasty 200 DX TIGRunner and Maxstar 200DX TIGRunner.

A TIGRunner enables users to order a complete, ready-to-weld TIG system with one stock number, as opposed to 15 different stock numbers for individual system components. The TIGRunner system eliminates the frustration associated with forgetting to order critical and necessary components, while the water-cooled torch increases operator comfort when welding for longer periods of time at higher amperages, Miller said.

The Dynasty 200 DX has an AC/DC output of 1 to 200 amps, while the Maxstar 2000DX welder has a DC-only output of 1 to 200 amps. Previously, water-cooled components for these welders needed to be ordered separately and were not optimized to work as a system. For example, with the new TIGRunner, the power source and cooler have approximately the same footprint, so they fit conveniently on the same cart. The two-wheeled trolley cart increases shop mobility and equipment organization in cramped or cluttered applications.

TIGRunner components include: Dynasty 200 DX or Maxstar 200 DX power source, Coolmate 1 cooler, one gallon of coolant, two-wheel trolley cart with cylinder rack and cable and torch holders, 25-ft Weldcraft WP20 water-cooled torch, cable cover, remote foot pedal or fingertip control, torch accessory kit with tungsten, 150-ft work lead with clamp, 12-ft gas hose, regulator/flowmeter, air-cooled TIG torch adapter, two 50-mm Dinse connectors and adjustable shoulder strap.

Also new from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is the Wildcat 200 welder generator that the company said provides industrial quality welding performance, durability, and generator power in a compact, lightweight, and affordable package. It is designed for the maintenance and repair professional, farm and ranch operator, and fabrication specialists. The generator features a fully enclosed case that protects the engine and internal welding components from damage by falling objects, dust, and debris, and is capable of producing 6,500 watts of peak generator power and 200-amp DC stock and TIG welding output.

At 345 lb, the Wildcat 200 is over 150 lb lighter and 30 percent smaller than competitive models, providing users with increased work truck storage space and fuel efficiency. The company said the generator produces welding performance on par with its cousin, the Bobcat 225.

The Wildcat 200 uses a 14-hp Subaru engine and offers a three-year engine warranty in addition to Miller's standard True Blue three-year warranty on the generator and welder. The seven-gallon gas tank provides 12 hr of run time using a 0.125-in. stick electrode, allowing the unit to put in more than a full day's work without needing to be refueled.

To maximize efficiency and save money for its owners, the Wildcat 200 offers an Auto-Idle feature that automatically senses when the unit is not being used and reduces fuel consumption and noise levels. It features a single, 200-v outlet and four 120-v outlets to run a wide variety of tools and accessories, including plasma cutters, air compressors, pumps, lights and even back-up home power for refrigerators and other household appliances.