Lincoln Electric released the third upgrade for its VRTEX® Extensions software. It includes GMAW aluminum welding support, including appropriate visual and audio sound differences; shielding gas selections specific to aluminum welding; and enhanced Theory functionality, including visual and text definitions.>

With the new aluminum extension, welding students, instructors, or other users will see the particular appearance of aluminum welds and the addition of dross as a welding defect.

Another feature to the upgrade program is video replay, which enhances the training experience because it allows the student or instructor to replay the virtual welding process on the VRTEX 360 , to review the completed weld and provide analysis on the process in multiple windows. >

Finally, the updated VRTEX provides learning levels as a set of tolerances for the entry, intermediate, and advanced level welder. The learning levels can be set from within the instructor view on the machine.

All VRTEX Extensions software upgrades are offered as an ongoing program designed to enhance and supplement the VRTEX 360 with new features and functionality.

“Lincoln Electric continues to invest in the development of welding training products. This focus on aluminum expands the virtual welding experience for the student and instructor,” according to Lincoln Electric Automation marketing manager Deanna Postlethwaite. “Our goal is to provide a valuable simulation or virtual welding training environment for every common material or joint configuration.”

With these changes to the VRTEX Extensions program, customers have the flexibility to choose only the functions that they want, when they want it. The program now offers independent or a la carte upgrade releases and enables users to purchase VRTEX 360 software upgrade releases based on their specific needs. Each upgrade contains bundled features that the customer can review and evaluate prior to purchasing. Users have the option to purchase or skip the upgrade if it does not fit into their welding training program.

Any customer with the base software version 1.1.10 or Upgrade 1 can purchase the releases that complement their welding curriculum. VRTEX 360 Extensions upgrade packages are sent directly to customers who purchase the program. Packages include supporting literature, materials and curriculum components useful in any welding training environment.

The VRTEX 360 upgrade is produced under the continuing development partnership of Lincoln Electric and VRSim. VRSim Inc. develops industrial training software and graphic simulation, and the VRTEX 360 is a software-based welding training system, introduced in 2009. Visit www.VRTEX360.comExtensions Upgrade 3 (Part Number AD1390-3) to order.