ABB Robotics is introducing a fully configured robotic welding package, the ArcPack Lean 1410, offered with a variety of options tailored to small to mid-sized welding operations. The basic package includes an ABB’s IRB 1410 robot; the new IRC5 Compact controller; a Fronius TransSteel 3500 power supply and wire feeder; and a Tregaskiss 500-Amp air-cooled welding torch. Users may choose a Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric or ESAB power supply as alternative welding options.

“ArcPack Lean 1410 responds to the demand from our distribution network and small- to medium-size metal fab and welding shops for an economical, easy-to-use robotic welding package that will deliver high quality welds all day long,” stated ABB Robot Products Group vice president Joe Campbell. “The base package includes all a shop needs to set up a high quality robotic welding operation.”

The core of the package is the 6-axis ABB IRB 1410 robot, specially designed for arc welding. It’s a compact but solid unit, with a long reach, a 5-kg handling capacity, and a supplementary 18-kg load capacity on the upper arm for application equipment. It has “superior positional repeatability (± 0.025 mm),” according to the developer, and executes high-quality welds even in restricted locations.

Also, ABB notes, the IRB 1410 operates at low noise levels with long intervals between routine maintenance.

The desktop sized IRC5 Compact controller is said to be easy to program, but it maintains excellent operational control and provides the same functionality as ABB’s IRC5 controller in a smaller, easy-to-place model.

The compact unit’s RAPID programming language and an array of arc welding software programs mean that it’s easy for users to program the unit and operate the robot. The IRC5 Compact controller simplifies commissioning too, thanks to its single-phase power input, external connectors for all signals, and a built-in, expandable 16 in/16 out I/O system.

With the ArcPack Lean 1410 package, the compact controller is placed in a special enclosure to protect it from welding debris.

The Fronius TransSteel welding system is comprised of a power source with DeviceNet robotic interface, an interconnecting hosepack, and a wire feeder. The wire feeder has a motor plate and the Fronius System Connector, so it’s smaller and delivers a much smaller obstacle contour.

The Tregaskiss 500 AMP air-cooled robotic torch is engineered for durability and performance in a high-volume welding operation. It has an aluminum armored gooseneck, aircraft grade aluminum housing, and spring-guard strain reliefs.

ABB Robotics’ ArcPack Lean 1410 is delivered as a kit that can be assembled and set-up in three to four hours. It can be delivered in pre-assembled form for even quicker installation.