HGG’S Multi-Profile Cutting machine is a cost-effective and flexible option for manufacturers with production volumes that do not justify dedicated machines for profiling pipe alone. The MPC can be configured to cut a variety of profile shapes, including pipes, box sections, angle bars, and flat sheet metal strips.

By incorporating HGG ProCAM Software, users’ capabilities are multiplied.

HGG supplies CNC pipe-cutting machines and robotic profile- cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections.

The MPC offers three basic, flexible machine configurations. Users can set it up to cut pipes, with material positioned on pipe supports and clamped in three jaws of the chuck; to cut box sections, with material positioned on pipe supports in specially designed rotators and then clamped in two diagonally opposite jaws of the chuck; or to cut profiles from bar flat stock, where the material is positioned and individually fixed on a flat cutting table.

The MPC is designed for production automation, and to be integrated to the manufacturing process, from design and work preparation to cutting and finally, the fitting and welding of parts.

The machine is easily programmed using HGG MDI (manual data input) and/or ProCAD software. CAD files are easily converted to “ready to cut” formats with HGG ProCAD software.

HGG ProGRAM software provides a direct link from independent workstations to the MPC cutting machine, which in turn provides basic programming of end cuts to complete part design and programming of all necessary machine cuts (even complex structures.)

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