Fronius expanded its selection of wire-feeding cases for mobile use in severe environments. In addition to the VR 5000 case already available for the TransSteel power sources, the welding technology developer now introduced wire feeders for its TPS/i (WF 25i Case) and TPS (VR 4000 Case) series. Welders can choose between versions with a standard spool (D300) or a small spool (D200).

The fully enclosed and shock-resistant devices are protected against dust, humidity, and water spray, making them especially well suited for use on oil rigs, in shipbuilding, railway and rolling stock manufacturing, or any place that the environmental conditions are taxing on equipment and materials.

The flame-resistant housing of the wire-feeder is designed for mobile applications: The briefcase format and the ergonomically designed carrying handle mean that the equipment can be carried over long distances. The external dimensions — 613x244x437 mm — for the D300 spool are very compact, but there is also a smaller option with the D200 wire-feeders — 507x200x320 mm — that weighs less than 10 kg and fits easily through any opening of up to 350 mm in diameter.

Skid runners and a smooth, contoured design ensures that Fronius’ case wire-feeders do not get caught.

The control panel is recessed, an safe design feature that shields it from damage, and Fronius has also made sure that the connections will not loosen during use. Devices in the Case series can be used in a horizontal or vertical position.

To protect the wire spool, motor plate, and internal connections, the device is fitted with hinged side covers on both sides that are easy to open and close, even by welders wearing gloves.