Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s latest industrial MIG welding system is the Continuum 500, built on well established Miller Axcess machines’ MIG platform, it reportedly improves arc starts and maintains more stable arc performance, generating better results for welding operators of all skill levels, welding on either thin or thick metals. User-friendly controls and system modularity make the new system capable of managing challenging jobs, helping to improve productivity and provide a competitive advantage as fabricating and manufacturing requirements evolve.

The Continuum 500 system provides 500 amps of welding power at 100-percent duty cycle.

The system is designed for semi-automatic welding, with a new, “smart, powerful, and fast-responding” digital design that makes arc performance stable and promotes better welding results.

Developed as a platform for addressing manufacturers’ or fabricators’ current and future production requirements, the Continuum 500 incorporates a series of design details that promote greater productivity, with more consistent arc starts, greater arc, and weld puddle control (regardless of the welding operator’s skill), reduced spatter and higher weld quality.

The Accu-Pulse process allows for faster travel speeds to increase productivity and reduce heat-input that may lead to distortion, while the MIG and RMD (regulated metal deposition) improvements both reduce heat input, with “a more forgiving arc” that makes it easier to manage varying torch angles and designs.

The high-deposition MIG function offers a lower heat input than a standard spray transfer, and still provides up to 33 percent more deposition when welding thicker material and larger welds (6 to 8 mm.)

An intuitive interface makes the Continuum 500 simple to set up and adjust with minimal training. A LCD display shows complete words, graphics, and numeric values, while memory buttons allow weld operators to change programs quickly and easily. A remote connection makes it easy to view and adjust the machine’s parameters from virtually anywhere in the world via Internet-enabled devices (computer, tablet, Smartphone).

The Continuum 500 also allows for easy updating of firmware, viewing of diagnostics and provides USB functionality to save and update the machine’s settings for a specific operator or job, or to manage fleet configurations.

The modular design of the Continuum 500 makes the system adaptable to various weld cell configurations and requirements. The system also features a control interface that can be located where it is most convenient, including on the power source, on the feeder or on the remote operator interface (ROI).

The new feeder design, which features balance-pressure drive-rolls and tensioners to feed wire in true, straight manner, can be easily configured for standard spool sizes, 60-lb spools or bulk-feeding systems.