The Prince XL and Magnum SG are spool guns that can add wire feeding capabilities for aluminum and stainless with a variety of constant voltage power sources and engine driven welders. The Prince XL provides performance for aluminum applications. It is rated at 200 A at 100 percent duty cycle. It is capable of feeding 0.030 in. to 1 /16 in. diameter wire on up to 4 in. diameter spools at speeds up to 900 IPM. Featuring a 3 3 /4-turn wire feed speed potentiometer control for precise fine adjustment of wire speed, it is offered with a 25 ft. cable length and comes standard with a leather cable jacket cover with Velcro closure. Available with the standard straight barrel or the optional curved barrel to assist in hard-to-reach settings, the EZ-Lock barrel design makes changing or rotating the barrel an easy, no-tool twist of the wrist. The braking system eliminates the need to adjust and re-adjust braking tension. A wire paddle, which maintains slight pressure, keeps the wire flat on the spool to reduce wire tangling and unraveling. The Magnum SG is a low-cost, lightweight, hand-held semiautomatic spool gun designed for aluminum welding. The model features a variable speed control adjustment at the gun eliminating the need to walk back to the power source. It is rated at 250 A at 60 percent duty cycle. It is capable of feeding from 0.023 in. to 3 /64 in. wire diameters on up to a 4 in. diameter spool at speeds up to 650 IPM. The gun includes a 25 ft. cable to allow extra reach away from the power source. See through spool and body covers enable the user to see wire supply and check wire feeding for ensured performance.

Lincoln Electric