BERNARD now offers a new semi-automatic MIG gun for light- to medium-duty welding, and projects requiring shorter arc-on times. The TGX is a durable, air-cooled MIG gun available in models ranging from 180 to 400 amps.

The developer noted the TGX model is attractively priced option forlight fabrication, repairs or hobby welding.

This model was formerly called the Tregaskiss TGX semi-automatic MIG gun and is a complement to the Bernard T-Gun Series, which is designed for more demanding, higher-amperage welding applications.

The TGX is available with two different handle sizes: The TGX XL Gun is designed with a standard handle size and includes 300- and 400-amp models; the TGX XS Gun has a smaller, more compact handle and includes 180-, 260- and 300-amp models.

Both styles feature a polymer-armored neck with a thick copper wall and conductor tube interior to protect it from heat, as well as a strain relief on the front and rear cables. The strain relief helps protect the cable from wear and improve wire feedability by preventing kinking and abrasion.

Available in three standard lengths of 10, 12 and 15 feet, all Bernard TGX semi-automaticMIG guns have threaded power pins and feature Tough Lock consumables, including a standard-duty slip-on nozzle. Tough Lock consumablesare designed to lock from the tip to neck, to keep them running cooler and to minimize downtime for changeover.

Welders have the option of having their distributor configure and assemble a Bernard TGX semi-automatic MIG gun for specific requirements, or they can purchase a preconfigured, factory-assembled gun with all the components needed to start welding right out of the box.