An information management system developed by Miller Electric Mfg. Co. reportedly will report welding process data in real-time data from a production cell, allowing manufacturers to monitor and address productivity levels and product quality standards. Insight Core™ is a cloud-based, industrial welding information management program that automatically collects and reports arc-on time, arc starts and quality performance based on amperage and voltage. The developers describe it as a flexible application that aids manufacturers’ continuous improvement efforts, as well as profitability goals.

Insight Core is available in two configurations: One designed for the Miller® Axcess® family, the other is designed for Miller 14-pin compliant power sources (available 2014).  A field-installed retrofit module of Insight Core is available for Miller power sources already in use, meaning that operators current capital goods can be updated to this new functional capability.  

Insight Core also is available as a factory-installed option on Axcess power sources.

Real-time advantages — As explained by Miller, Insight Core lets manufacturers can assess welding performance information in real time from anywhere via the Internet, and it will help them to assess two key performance indicators: productivity and quality. Insight Core provides a live, accurate summary of a welding cell’s performance, replacing current standard methods that rely on manual data collection in the workplace.

A pre-configured dashboard presents a daily summary of critical performance metrics. Manufacturers can use the Insight Core dashboard to monitor total arc-on-time percentage; gain real-time visibility of welds that fall outside of predetermined limits for amperage and voltage; and set goals for improving overall welding performance.

Additional custom reporting capabilities allow the operators to establish discreet views of the productivity and quality information at different levels of the organization (fleet, cell, work station) and export this data for analysis off-line.

Manufacturers can set custom goals within Insight Core, making it easy to establish continuous improvement targets and monitor progress of those initiatives. The tool can also help manufacturers identify productivity and quality trends or bottlenecks, identify potential operator training needs and better understand welding costs.

Easy set up — Insight Core is described as easy to install and set up for Axcess or Miller 14-pin compliant power sources. The data collected is transmitted via wired or wireless Ethernet connection. Manufacturers then view company-wide performance using a standard web browser on any computer, tablet or smart phone. No additional software or mobile application is required to view the information.

Importantly, the data that is collected is protected by a password-secured login system.

Access to 90 days of data is included with purchase of an Insight Core module, so manufacturers pay no additional subscription fees for software or access to their productivity and quality information.