The Millermatic 350 MIG and 350P pulsed-MIG power sources handle thin-gauge aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. Units offer 208/230 or 460/575 V single and three-phase input power, a duty-cycle rating of 60% at 300 amps/32 V, a 25 to 400-amp output, and line voltage compensation. The machines reportedly reduce weld spatter and deliver high deposition rates, efficiency, and good weld-bead appearance.

Units have easy-to-understand controls. Operators select the builtin program that matches the wire type and size, and the unit automatically sets pulse parameters.

The all-in-one power source/wire feeder unit is well-suited for fabrication, manufacturing, and maintenance-and-repair aluminum applications. Units allow operators to disconnect the MIG gun and replace it with an optional push-pull wirefeed gun without any upgrade. Push-pull provides continuous torque to wire, with the gun motor controlling wirefeed speed at the arc. The low heat input minimizes burnthrough, distortion, heat-affected-zone size and loss of mechanical properties. A four roll wire-drive system features two easy-to-set, scaled, tension adjustments and quick-change reversible drive rolls for 0.035 and 0.045-in. wire.

Miller Electric Mfg.