LINCOLN ELECTRIC added a new model to its Magnum PRO series of welding guns for MIG welding. The Magnum PRO AL is a high-performance design that the developer claimed will optimize performance in push-pull welding operation.

The new gun is described as “ideal” for welders and/or shops conducting automotive, heavy equipment and industrial fabrication. Magnum PRO AL push-pull welding guns will optimize critical-production aluminum welding operations too, Lincoln detailed, by integrating features that reduce downtime, such as wire-feeding technology that reduces friction in the wire-feed path to decrease wire damage and support smooth wire feeding.

Applicable for MIG and pulsed MIG welding process operations, the Magnum PRO AL model has a quick-change liner that swaps out easily by removing the set screw. The patented EZ-Lock system is included, allowing the welder to change or rotate gun barrels to any angle.

The new gun has a light, ergonomically designed handle that has an equally balanced weight distribution between front and back, providing excellent feel and control for the welder. The recessed adjustment dial at the handle bottom helps to prevent a change in the workpoint while welding.

The gun’s flip-up drive roll cover, located at the thumb rest for easy wire access, adds to the convenience. A quick wire release lets the welder adjust with speed.

The insulated groove drive roll and idler roll provide a consistent arc during operation. The Magnum PRO AL has a 225-amp rating at 60% duty cycle for air-cooled guns, and a 450-amp rating at 60% duty cycle for water-cooled guns.