Joining Technologies Inc. plans to add new features and add functions to its Infinite Web® coil joining system, a non-contact splicing process that combines laser-cutting and welding process with a single head. The new features will make it possible to splice titanium coils and to splice material on a 15° bias, as an alternative to forming perpendicular joints. The latter capability is particularly effective for roll forming.

Joining Tech was established as a service for restoring welds on tool steel dies and molds, and manufacturing precision-welded products like medical devices, sensors, and controls. Later, it expanded into restoring aerospace parts and manufacturing parts for OEMs. Now, it offers laser cladding, electron beam and laser welding capabilities. Its engineers develop methods for joining metal components, mainly for medical devices, sensors, and products for the aerospace, military, energy, and firearms industries.

The Infinite Web system increases throughput in joining process; the developer notes that some customers achieve a greater than 33% increase in plant productivity as a result of improvements in their efficiency and capabilities.

The Infinite Web is a mobile, stand-alone system that requires only an electrical input and minimal operator involvement, it’s able to service several converting lines. The industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, predefined programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self-diagnostics to ensure optimal uptime.

It was designed by welders to handle material thicknesses from 0.002-inch to 0.040-inch, and uses coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise and accurate splices. Both cutting and welding operations are automatic and non-contact.

“It’s a quantum leap from the splicing equipment currently seen in metal converting plants,” stated Joining Tech president Dave Hudson. “The system offers a user friendly, streamlined design with optimal safety features. The Infinite Web automatically prepares the coil ends and delivers the finest weld possible each and every time the Start button is touched, all in less than 3 minutes.”