Service Line Inc. in Reedsburg, Wis., is like many manufacturers, managing to be effective and successful without some ‘revolutionary’ process or breakthrough process. Its success is rooted in the consistency of its service, manufacturing the Renegade line of parts washing systems for commercial and industrial use, along with other spray washers, aqueous cleaning systems, and parts cleaning equipment.

“Consistency” in manufacturing very often means “continuous use,” and Service Line was looking for a way to update a Trumpf Laser cutting system in use since 1993. The operators realized the line was no longer running very efficiently, and began to consider their options.

Now, a little more than year later, Hypertherm’s ProNest software is breathing new life into the 20-year-old laser cutting.  

“We purchased the software for our Trumpf Laser in the summer of 2012 and found it to work very well for us, which wasn't easy considering that our laser is a 1993 model. We had great customer support to help configure and set it up to work with such an old control,” explained Gary Reuter, a production engineer at Service Line.

“We have been using it in production now for over a year and we find it is easy to learn and easy to use, and yet it still gives us all the features we need to run our laser in a very efficient manner.

“I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to improve the performance of their laser or plasma cutting machines,” he offered.

ProNest is a component of Hypertherm’s Built for Business™ Integrated Cutting Solutions platform, which support its True Hole™, True Bevel™ and Rapid Part™ cutting technologies. As a nesting software, ProNest is an intuitive program for multi-process profile cutting operations. It integrates with other business systems and is fully configurable to the requirements of different production systems.

The program’s standard features include functions for CAD import and conversion; part creation and development; costing; interactive manual nesting; output; and reporting. Modules for business system integration that support increased productivity are standard.

Optional modules are available for direct machine interfaces; material optimization; software interfaces, and others.

ProNest includes many standard features and optional modules geared specifically to laser applications, but it also supports plasma cutting operations (conventional air/oxygen or high-definition/high-current density), oxy-fuel cutting, water-jet cutting, rotary pipe/tube cutting; drilling machinery; plate cutting, and other processes.

Like Service Line, other manufacturers are using ProNest software to program laser cutting machines. Richard Webb of Loftis Steel & Aluminum in Nashville confirmed using ProNest CAM software for nearly a decade. “We have had very good results for programming our two lasers,” he explained. “It’s easy to use and learn. When faced with programming questions, answers are very quick and all the people we have dealt with have been very helpful. When upgrading from one version to the next the changes have been seamless with no down time."