With a new, modular MIG/MAG welding-appliance platform that it described as “radical,” Fronius International GmbH claimed to be initiating a revolution in intelligent control for welding processes. Users of its TPS/i platform will benefit from working with individually customizable and upgradeable appliances with high intelligence capability and extensive communications functions. The new control equipment lets welders carry out specific tasks more easily and more quickly, and achieve better results, according to the developer.

In addition, it said the new TPS/i platform is the foundation on which it will establish future advances, meaning it represents a reliable long-term investment.

Fronius said TPS/i platform resulted from it most comprehensive development effort, in which its project team set out to achieve “nothing less than getting as close as possible to the perfect arc,” the group explained. “This is why staff were told to cast aside old modes of thought, to comb through the company's huge fund of experience, and pick out the very best for the benefit of users, and to combine it with ground-breaking new technologies.