Miller Electric Mfg. Co. announced it is combining the Welcraft line of TIG torches and accessory products under its own line of Miller-brand products. In its statement the welding products group noted that consolidating the Weldcraft series allows Miller to servce its distributors and equipment users better, with the best available torches and related TIG welding products.

The change is already in effect, according to Miller representatives.

“Both Miller and Weldcraft are market leading brands and ones with a proven history of success across many industries,” stated Mike Weller, president of Miller Electric Mfg. Co.  “Consolidating the Weldcraft brand under Miller puts us in a position to not only grow our TIG welding business, but also — and more importantly — to ensure we are providing the best TIG welding solutions in the marketplace.”

The Weldcraft name will remain as the TIG torches and accessories brand even after the consolidation, Miller emphasized, and the products will continue to be manufactured in Appleton, Wis. to the same quality standards.

The notable change will be the addition of the Miller name on products, labels and packaging.  

Weldcraft TIG torch bodies have been updated to black (except for the Redhead Series, which will continue to be red.)

Miller is itself one of the most prominent manufacturer of TIG welding equipment. Adding the TIG torches and accessories available from the Weldcraft portfolio will enhance the offering, and simplify the business for distributors. (The Weldcraft tungsten electrodes, consumables etc. are not included in the change.

According to Miller, the shift also creates a “one stop shop” of TIG welding technologies for users and industries, including aerospace, general fabrication, petrochemical, food processing, and motorsport, among others.