The Tweco Classic Number 4 MIG gun is an enhanced version of the Tweco Number 4, one of the world’s most popular welding guns. It’s sometimes called “the MIG gun that built America.” The improvements to the Tweco Classic include higher-impact-resistant materials, an interlocking handle design for greater durability, an angled trigger for a more comfortable pull and refined, modernized lines. The Tweco Classic 4 is an air-cooled MIG gun with a rating of 400 amps at 60% duty cycle.

Tweco designs and manufactures MIG welding guns and consumable parts for manual and precision robotic welding. It also provides a comprehensive range of manual arc welding products, including electrode holders, ground clamps, lugs, cable connectors and welding helmets. It’s one of the nine constituent brands for Victor Technologies, a family of products and technologies for cutting, gas control and specialty welding equipment.

“I like the Tweco Classic handle because it's flatter,” said Jeremy Holloway, a welder/fitter at Bellingham Metal Works in Massachusetts. “Skinny handles you have to squeeze a lot more; it puts a lot of stress on your hand. This gun is nice because you barely have to move your finger to pull the trigger.”

BMW project manager Robert Stow, Jr. also likes the gun’s heavy-duty construction. “The Tweco guns are excellent for our shop,” said Stow. “Our guys are pretty rough on the equipment, and Tweco guns stand up. They’re very durable. I’m only going to make money in this company if we’re producing parts.”

The Tweco Classic 4 is the first in a new series of air-cooled guns that will roll out in 2013. The other products to be introduces are the Tweco Classic 2 (rated at 200 amps @ 60% duty cycle); the Tweco Classic 3 (300 amps @ 60% duty cycle); the Tweco Classic 5 (500 amps @ 60% duty cycle); and the Tweco Classic 6 (600 amps @ 60% duty cycle.)

“The Tweco Classic Series will carry on the tradition of the Tweco No. Series platform, which has stood the test of time since its introduction at the AWS Welding Show in 1969,” according to David Wilton, vice president, brand management - Welding Products, for Victor Technologies. “Millions of welders will be familiar with the way the paddle-style handle of a Tweco Classic gun fits into their hand and enables them to manipulate the arc. With these upgrades, they’ll be able to enjoy its heavy-duty, industrial-grade performance for years to come.”