According to Fronius, its new AccuPocket 150/400 welding package is the world’s first MMA system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery. With a total weight of just 11 kg (24 lb.), it gives welders an exceptional mobility for executing manual electrode and TIG welding tasks.

A fully charged battery (400 Wh) delivers sufficient power to weld up to eight 3.25-mm diameter electrodes, or 18 electrodes of 2.5 mm diameter. The ActiveCharger device supplied with the AccuPocket is customized to the requirements of the welding unit, and based on Fronius’ Active Inverter Technology. An intelligent control system using AccuBoost Technology makes sure that the battery and the welding electronics work together perfectly. In practice, this regularly means better welding results than could be obtained with a comparable mains-only powered MMA welding unit.

The improvements in AccuPocket 150/400 welding system — ignition properties, arc stability and arc dynamics — are attributed to a successful combination of advanced welding technology and state-of-the-art, high-performance rechargeable batteries. For example, the integral rechargeable battery is able to momentarily deliver above-averagely high short-circuit currents when necessary during welding, which prevents electrode sticking.

At the same time, the AccuBoost electronics ensure high welding voltage at high power, and prevent the arc from breaking – doing so regardless of the battery’s charge status. All the main parameters needed for professional welding can be seamlessly adjusted with a single digital control knob.