ESAB WELDING & CUTTING PRODUCTS introduced the Aristo RT line of robotic torches for single-arc or tandem welding applications. Aristo RT torches work with three different product set-ups: Standard (external cable), Hollow Wrist Helix (rotation +/- 220°), and Hollow Wrist Infiniturn (endless rotation). The last of these, the Hollow Wrist Infiniturn version, offers the highest productivity with shorter programming time, shorter cycle time, less downtime, and cost savings as a result of the endlessly turning media coupling, optimization of the welding position, and long life of the cable.

The Aristo RT-42, RT-52, and RT-62 are universal torch necks that are interchangeable with each other. All three robotic necks are available in gas-cooled (RT-42G, RT-52G, RT-62G) and water-cooled (RT-42W, RT-52W, RT-62W) models in different swan neck angles, with packages available for KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, and Motoman/Yaskawa robotic systems.

Among the design features are: integrated blow-out capability than can be used to cool and clean the robotic neck; long life consumables; torch body and spare parts; quick-change torch systems; simple cable replacement; and constant TCP (tool center point).

Reliable and stable TCP ensures continuous production without interruption. Each torch features a large, strong brass outer tube, precise alignment, cable assembly interface, torch mount, and high wall thickness that ensures precise and constant TCP (even when changing necks or cables, according to ESAB), reducing part programming and program "touch up" time. 

The collision-resistant torch design means no readjustment of the torch neck, which reduces downtime and improves productivity. The brass torch flange design results in low spatter adhesion. These torches also feature threaded gas nozzles with additional clamping for better heat transfer, which prolongs consumable life. Optimized gas flow provides a stable and reliable welding arc.

ESAB also offers the Aristo RT NG, narrow gap robotic welding neck, designed for welding in tight places and also available in gas-cooled and water-cooled versions. The NG neck is interchangeable using the tool-less connection system, which is standard on all ESAB robotic torches and necks The Aristo RT NG torch rotates to reach different welding positions, and allows for perfect penetration with lateral welding. This torch can be customized as a special design with different geometry or higher ratings.