Victor, the developer of cutting, welding, and gas-control technology, introduced a new series of two-piece oxy-fuel torches that emphasize better ergonomics for operators, including a novel handle design and cutting attachments that improve control and give a better view of the cutting path. More visual cues for the operator and safety improvements also have been incorporated.

The new 400 Series torches are available in medium- and heavy-duty models and sold as part of the Medalist 250 and Medalist 350 outfits. Outfits include the torch handle, cutting attachment, welding tip, G Series regulators, and hoses.

The 400 Series torches have a patented contoured handle sized and shaped to fit in most operators’ hands. It’s formed from an engineered zinc-aluminum alloy called Zamak that has three times its tensile strength of brass, the better to resist deformation. It’s also lighter than brass, but it balances naturally when hoses and attachments are connected.

To simplify use, Victor color-coded and labeled the oxygen and fuel valves for instant ID. The labeling makes the torches easier to operate because directions for open and closed valve positions are more readily recognizable.

“Until now, there was no way for an inexperienced worker to effectively and intuitively identify gas valves,” stated Victor Technologies group brand manager John Henderson. “The 400 Series torch provides operators with the visual acuity necessary for safe and effective oxy-fuel cutting, even if English isn’t their first language.”

Henderson noted that design changes to simplify use help employers manage changes in personnel; as skilled operators retire and newer, less-skilled workers or workers with different language proficiency, it’s easier to communicate instructions or understand the operating directions for the 400 Series.

The durability of the torch handle also improves longevity even if tools are handled roughly (a feature specifically requested by supervisors during product development, according to Victor.)

The 400 Series is compatible with the supplier’s current 300 series consumables and accessories.