ABB Robotics established a global agreement to co-develop fully equipped robotic welding packages with Fronius International, the welding equipment developer.  ABB indicated the “technologically innovative” welding packages would be designed as modular, cost-effective projects for companies to institute easily or to upgrade a robotic welding system.

Fronius equipment will be featured at all certified ABB Robotics welding lab locations, so customers will be able to conduct robotic welding trials on the latest robotic welding equipment available.

ABB will continue supplying integrated welding packages with various other suppliers of welding equipment.

The agreement with Fronius is the second in recent months for ABB Robotics involving automation for welding and fabricating: it is collaborating with SVIA Industrial Automation to market that company’s PickVision™ package, a machine-vision technology for fully automated work cells.

The plan with Fronius involves two new process concepts:

First, the ArcPack U2 will incorporate ABB Robotics’ new IRB 1520ID dedicated arc welding robot and Fronius equipment in a modular, entry-level welding cell with two fixed stations. The standard, twin-table configuration is recommended for processing small components. It is available as a complete welding function package or a fully integrated cell.