VICTOR TECHNOLOGIES introduced a new multi-process welder, the Tweco® Fabricator® 141i 3-in-1 welder, built to professional standards but able to operate on 115-V household power. The MIG, stick, and TIG capabilities of the Tweco Fabricator 141i is well suited to DIY and home hobby welding, but also to light-duty welding projects in motorsports, auto repair, farm/ranch, metal art, and maintenance applications.

The Tweco Fabricator 141i offers 10 to 140 amps of power for MIG and Lift TIG welding, and 90 amps for stick welding.

Push-button controls, LED displays and a quick-start guide let first-time welders set up the unit and start welding in a very short time. An easy to use set-up chart inside the side panel guides users with helpful diagrams and welding parameter recommendations. 

At the same time, the advanced technical functions of new Tweco welder provide several advantages compared to older conventional MIG-only welders, including:
-  Multi-process welding output, so users can select the best process (MIG, stick, or TIG) for a particular project or application;
-  Easy-to-use features and reliable arc performance that help beginning welders gain expertise;
-  Portability … just 32.2 lb.; and
-  A higher-duty cycle that allows users to weld longer on thicker material.

The Tweco Fabricator 141i is a fully integrated system, incorporating a built-in gas solenoid valve and wire feed system for MIG welding, and accepts 4-in. or 8-in. spools of wire. Both the complete system and the complete system with a cart are priced comparable to MIG-only welders.