Victor Technologies, the portfolio of equipment brands for welding, cutting, and gas-control equipment and products, announced it is “positioning” the Tweco product line as its brand for specialty welding products and arc accessories. In its announcement, the group said the decision aims to “unify its brand portfolio and achieve greater impact in the market.”

The onetime Thermadyne Holdings Corp. was purchased by private-equity investors in 2010, and then rebranded itself as Victor Technologies International Inc.

The portfolio includes Victor Thermal Dynamics, Victor Arcair, Victor TurboTorch, Thermal ArcStoody, Firepower,and Cigweld, as well as Tweco.

Now, all welding products in the portfolio — “starting with the Tweco Fabricator 3-in-1 welding machines, and continuing throughout the entire Thermal Arc product line,” according to the announcement — will be relabeled under the Tweco brand.

"From the classic Tweco MIG gun to the latest multi-process welding machine, Tweco products are designed to enhance the skill and reputation of every welder," stated Victor Technologies CEO Martin Quinn, CEO.

Last year the Tweco logo was redesigned, and the new “brand mark and trade dress” have been introduced with Tweco MIG guns and arc accessories. Welding power supplies will rebranded next. All new Thermal Arc welding machines will be recast in black (from the usual burgundy) with the Tweco brand prominent.

Victor Technologies said the change is part of its strategy to take advantage of its global brand portfolio and to enhance its role as an innovator of welding technologies and products.

"Tweco shares a history and a set of values based on authenticity, innovation and a deep connection with the end user," stated Quinn. "This realignment leverages our two strongest and most respected brands in the market, Victor and Tweco."