HOBART  BROTHERS’ latest AWS E70T-1 welding wire — the FabCO® 70XHP gas-shielded flux-cored wire — offers low-fume generation rates, helping to improve operator comfort and increasing deposition rates to improve productivity.

The new wire complements the FabCO TR-70 and FabCO RXR wires now available under the Hobart brand. Together, the three wires provide “a continuum of benefits,” according to the supplier:
- The FabCO 70XHP wire offers the highest level of performance and the lowest visible fume levels;
- The FabCO TR-70 wire is best-suited for all-round performance;
- And, the FabCO RXR wires offers better performance for welding through mill scale and rust.

The FabCO 70XHP wire is designed for use in applications in heavy equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, and railroad car maintenance and repair. Such projects frequently involve enclosed environments, so fume reduction is needed. The wire can be used to weld non-alloyed and fine grain steels too, as well as steel structures.

Due to advanced formulations, the FabCO 70XHp wire has a shiny weld bead, with an easy-to-remove slag that not only makes the completed weld more aesthetically pleasing, but thanks to lower spatter levels have reduced cleanup time, too.

The FabCO 70XHP wire is designed for both single- and multi-pass welding, and can be used in the flat and horizontal position. Unlike many other AWS E70T-1 electrodes (e.g., the FabCO TR-70 and FabCO RXR), the FabCO 70XHP wire can be used with either 100% CO2 or a 75% argon/25% CO2 shielding gas mixture.

Weld depositscreated by the FabCO 70XHP wire maintain their toughness even after stress relieving. Specifically, Charpy V-notch impact values exceed 20 ft-lbs at -40°F (-40°C) after two hours of stress relief at 1,150°F (620°C.) The wire offers tensile strengths in the range of 78,000 to 85,000 psi, depending on the “as-welded” or post-weld heat-treated (PWHT) condition.

The wire is available in 1/16- 5/64- and 3/32-inch diameters on either 33-lb spools or 60-lb coils.

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