ESAB Welding & Cutting Products established a partnership with RoboVent Product Group Inc. to develop “high-performance robotic welding solutions” for North American fabricators and manufacturers. Specifically, RoboVent’s fume extraction equipment will be featured as part of ESAB’s robotic welding systems, including the recently introduced Swift Arc® series of pre-engineered robotic welding cells offered as complete ready-to-weld units.

RoboVent develops and supplies ventilation systems for manufacturing applications, including welding, cutting and metalworking; dust and lubricant mist collection; and general ventilation.

ESAB explained it would apply RoboVent’s expertise in collecting, filtering, and recycling contaminated air to develop a safe, efficient welding automation systems that protect both the machine operator and the welding equipment, and reduce production disturbances, to improve machine capacity and results.

“RoboVent has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high quality fume exhaust equipment offering comprehensive product support. These key factors were pivotal in our decision to partner with RoboVent to further enhance ESAB’s welding automation systems,” according to George Learmonth, ESAB, vice president of Automation for North America. “As we expand our efforts in the robotic welding market, RoboVent helps us offer customers better overall automation solutions.”