Air-cooled TIG torch

The newest addition to Weldcraft's ( Legacy Series of TIG torches — the LS17 air-cooled torch — features a torch handle designed to improve comfort, control and welding productivity.

The company said the LS17 offers reliable welding performance and good weld quality at a competitive price.

It is rated at 150 amp DC and 125 amp AC, both at 60-percent duty cycle. The torch is compatible with all 10N Series consumables.

The LS17 air-cooled torch includes an interchangeable fingertip switch that provides remote amperage control and can be replaced without tools. Both features help minimize downtime and increase welding productivity.

Adding to the LS17's durable and flexible knuckle joint at the base of the torch handle permits greater torch control and easier movement, while minimizing stress on the power cables and the back end of the torch body. The company said that helps to lower replacement costs and downtime to replace twisted or damaged power cables, and it reduces the possibility of high-frequency leakage that could adversely affect arc quality.

The air-cooled design of the LS17 torch prevents overheating and allows for long-term, reliable welding performance and greater operator comfort. A styled soft-grip handle also contributes to operator comfort and prevents slipping to improve overall torch control.

The torch is available with a 12.5-ft or 25-ft single-piece rubber cable assembly, each with a standard protective sheath that helps lengthen cable life and reduce clutter.

The rubber cable assemblies are designed to resist kinking that could lead to interruptions in shielding gas flow and/or cause weld quality problems associated with lack of gas coverage. Each package also comes with a 14-pin connector and control wire for connection to a Miller power source. Several models are available with a manual gas control valve to allow the operator to easily adjust shielding gas flow.

Manual inspection with conventional and phased-array ultrasound

Olympus NDT ( has introduced a new Manual Weld Inspection Solution that includes conventional and phased array ultrasound with new software for the company's OmniScan flaw detector plus a new line of WPS series phased-array probes.

The software and probes allow weld inspectors to integrate phased-array technology in non-destructive testing inspections.

The new OmniScan 2.1 software has a simplified phased-array interface and includes an intuitive RayTracing feature that provides a clear visual display of the phased-array beams in the weld area and a Weld Overlay feature to simplify data interpretation. The software also provides conventional including DAC/TCG, ASME, JIS and DGS UT sizing curves and AWS and API code wizards.

Olympus also has introduced its new WPS phased-array weld-inspection probes consisting of the A10, A11 and A12 series. Their ergonomically designed probe housings and wedges have a small footprint to allow inspections close to the weld crown.

The DGS Phased Array probe meets DGS requirements and performs an inspection sweep from 45 degrees to 70 degrees using one integrated probe/wedge design. The AWS phased array probe creates a nominal 60-degree shear wave in steel and covers 45-, 60- and 70-degree inspection angles as required by AWS regulations.

Heavy-duty nozzles and gasless parts

Bernard Welding Equipment ( has introduced new Heavy-Duty and Gasless Centerfire components that are designed to reduce operator downtime and improve weld quality for shops that weld at high amperages or that frequently change between MIG welding and self-shielded flux-cored welding.

The Heavy-Duty Centerfire nozzles are well-suited to applications using mixed gases, spray transfer processes or thick aluminum welding and other uses that increase the heat transferred to the consumables. The removable nozzle cone reduces downtime and consumables cost by allowing operators to replace only the cone, the most frequently damaged part of the nozzle, without having to remove and replace the entire nozzle. Like the standard Centerfire nozzles, the Heavy-duty nozzles have a built-in spatter guard that produces a calm gas flow for improved weld puddle protection. The Heavy-Duty Centerfire nozzles also are available in a variety of configurations, with several nozzle orifices and tip recesses.

Bernard also introduced its new Gasless Centerfire parts for companies that use the same power source for both MIG and self-shielded welding. These parts allow operators to easily convert a Q-Gun from one process to the other.

Both the Heavy-Duty nozzles and Gasless parts operate with the standard Centerfire contact tips and diffusers, allowing users to weld at high amperages or with self-shielded wire without having to replace their entire welding consumable inventory. Both products can be used with any major brand of MIG gun through the use of Bernard conversion parts.


Lightweight abrasive-belt machine

The Mini-Dynafile II from Dynabrade Inc. ( is an air-powered abrasive belt machine for grinding, blending and deburring in normally inaccessible areas. The lightweight, compact design of the tool is suitable for ladies, or people with smaller hands who need a more comfortable air tool while grinding.

Running at 25,000 rpm, the Mini-Dynafile II uses 0.125-in. to 0.5-in. wide by 12-in. long abrasive belts and accepts coated and abrasive impregnated non-woven nylon belts. The multi-positioning grinding head pivots 180degrees for grinding into hard-to-reach areas. The tool is good for finishing and deburring within narrow openings and for blending stainless steel and grinding right-angle welds. The lightweight, composite housing reduces vibration and is thermal insulated to prevent cold air transmission to the operator's hands. The air motor also is adjustable to the most comfortable throttle lever position. Eight different contact arms also are available for a variety of applications.

A Mini-Dynafile II Versatility Kit also is offered that includes the tool, contact arms, various abrasive belts and a threaded collet for easy conversion to a die grinder.

Pneumatic clamp for end-prep tools

A pneumatic clamping option is available for Esco Tool's ( Ground, Tube Weasel, and Wart Millhog right-angle welding end-prep tools that provides instant attach-and-release for high-volume, repetitive end-prep applications. The Millhog Air Clamp is an air-operated cylinder that fits the firm's small-diameter welding end-prep tools for use on tube and pipe up to 3-in. I.D. With a self-centering draw rod that rigidly mounts into the tube or pipe I.D., the clamping mechanism employs clamp ribs that retract off the mandrel automatically to reduce friction and promote high reliability. The company said the clamp improves cycle times between end preps by as much as 600 percent. Typical high speed applications include fabrication shops processing individual tubes and tube sheet panels.