Metalsa S.A. de C.V. finalized its purchase of ISE Automotive, a German manufacturer of structural automotive parts with eight operations in Europe, China, Turkey, and South Africa. ISE’s plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., assembles front and rear chassis modules, with operations like MIG/MAG and resistance welding.

The seller is Nordwind Capital, though the value of the transaction is not known.

The two companies’ product lines will be integrated, beginning immediately, bringing ISE Automotive’s body and chassis structures and modules, hinges and transmission components and safety ROPS systems into Metalsa’s portfolio.  Those plants have a wide range of capabilities, including resistance welding, projection welding, spot welding, seam welding, laser welding, and numerous forming and assembly options.

Metalsa S.A. de C.V. is a subsidiary of Mexico’s Grupo Proeza producing light-duty frames, space frames, suspension modules, body structures, and numerous other automotive systems. Its U.S. manufacturing plants are in Roanoke, Va. (commercial vehicle systems) and Elizabethtown, Hopkinsville, and Owensboro, Ken. (light vehicle systems.)

ISE supplies various automotive assemblies to Daimler AG, VW Group, Renault, General Motors, BMW, and Ford, among others.

Metalsa stated that adding ISE’s 2,500 employees and network of would will strengthen its position as a global supplier of structural components for automotive and commercial vehicles.  It extends the Metalsa organization for the first time into China, Hungary, Germany, Turkey and South Africa, and expands its presence in the United States.