Specialty and high-strength steelmaker SSAB is introducing a new version of its web-based software that fabricators will use to optimize welding processes. The WeldCalc program involves “decades of experience” in a web-based software, according to the supplier. WeldCalc 2.0 will be introduced this month, and includes recommendations for welding Hardox wear plate and Domex structural and wear-resistant steels as well as Weldox lightweight structural steels. Thanks to WeldCalc’s easy-to-access user interface and many new functions, SSAB reports, the results are easier to calculate and to apply.

WeldCalc is software that was specially developed for calculating welding recommendations. The desired mechanical properties and the different plate materials to be used in the joint being fabricated is installed in the program interface by the user. Based on this information a “tolerance box” is calculated, showing the allowed span of heat input and preheat/interpass temperature.

“With WeldCalc 2.0 the user can choose the properties most important in a given welded construction. For example, whether to prioritize optimum welding strength or optimum production efficiency,” states Daniel Stemne, project manager for the WeldCalc 2.0 development.

The software’s new version also allows users to save or export the results. After installing a project and achieving a result, the case can be reopened the next time that a user logs in, and the task can be edited and saved again.

Because WeldCalc 2.0 is available as a web-based software program, it’s always updated to the latest version.

“By providing our customers with a good tool for welding calculations, we help them to utilize our materials in a better way. In the end that makes us a better supplier,” stated Tomas Visur, the design specialist involved in the project for SSAB.

SSAB produces value-added, high-strength steel developed in close cooperation with customers.