Two Illinois Tool Works subsidiaries and MIG welding gun developers – Bernard and Tregaskiss — are “migrating” several product lines between their two brands, aiming to simplify customers’ product selection process. The thrust of the new branding initiative is that Bernard will offer only semi-automatic MIG guns and Tregaskiss will be focused exclusively on robotic MIG guns and peripherals.

Bernard Welding Equipment manufactures premium semi-automatic GMAW (MIG) and FCAW (flux-cored) welding guns, consumables, accessories and manual arc products.

Tregaskiss develops and manufactures robotic MIG welding guns, peripherals, and consumables. Its brands include TOUGH GUN robotic MIG guns and peripherals; TOUGH LOCK consumables; QUICK LOAD liners; and TOUGH GARD anti-spatter products.

The change is effective immediately, according to the two companies’ statement.

“Previously, both companies offered semi-automatic and robotic products, which tended to create confusion in the marketplace,” according to Darren Grey, director of semi-automatic products for Bernard and Tregaskiss. “This strategic decision to simplify the brands will help eliminate unnecessary complexities for customers.

“It also allows each of the companies to focus on their core competencies and new product development,” Grey continued, “both aspects that benefit the customer long term.”

He emphasized that the design features and product quality for each product line will remain available, along with delivery and technical support.

”The only change is the brand name on the product,” he said.

Customers also will continue to have the option to configure a semi-automatic or robotic MIG gun online using the Bernard and Tregaskiss MIG Gun Configurators at and

New branding initiative
Under the new branding initiative, all Tregaskiss semi-automatic MIG guns will be re-branded as Bernard products. For example, the Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN is known now as the Bernard T-Gun, and the TGX semi-automatic MIG guns are now Bernard TGX semi-automatic MIG guns.

Similarly, all robotic MIG guns previously manufactured by Bernard will be produced as Tregaskiss products.

According to the two companies, all semi-automatic and robotic MIG guns will continue to use their native consumables, regardless of the brand change. The Bernard T-Gun and TGX semi-automatic MIG guns will still use TOUGH LOCK consumables, while all Bernard robotic MIG guns that shift to the Tregaskiss brand will continue to use Centerfire, Quik Tip and Bernard Elliptical Series consumables.

Bernard and Tregaskiss noted that their welding distributors nationwide have been informed of the branding transition, and customers with questions about the product lines should contact local welding distributors for more details, or the respective customer service representatives: Bernard customer service at 800-946-2281 or; or. Tregaskiss customer service at 877-737-3111 or