Missing MIG gun necks are a common annoyance on some job sites, and to address the downtime that follows this problem, and the inconvenience, Bernard introduced its Bernard S-Gun 250-amp MIG gun. This new gun has a locked rotatable neck that cannot be removed easily by the welding operator, but is still easy to service fir maintenance. By having the locked neck, operations can reduce the time taken to replace MIG gun necks at the start of a shift, as well as minimize the need for additional neck purchases.

The Bernard S-Gun 250-amp MIG gun is compatible with Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Weld Cable Control (WCC) systems. Together, the two help to optimize weld quality while also increasing productivity.

The gun includes a steel monocoil power cable designed with lightweight steel coils that offer an exceptional conduit for shielding gas flow and wire feeding. The coil can accommodate commonly used wire sizes, from 0.045- to 1/16 inch. The Bernard S-Gun 250-amp MIG gun also features a handle constructed of a high-impact, glass-reinforced composite that can withstand rough workplace conditions, and is designed for ergonomic comfort and control for welding operators — even after extended use.

The Bernard S-Gun 250-amp MIG Gun is compatible with Quik Tip Series consumables, which provide strong arc-starting capabilities, reduce spatter, and provide more consistent welds than many competitive consumables. The Quik Tip Series consumables have a threaded taper lock that increases contact tip life by improving heat transfer and electrical conductivity, along with gas diffusers that have positive stops. These stops secure Quik Tip nozzles in a fixed position for superior repeatability and consistent, quality welds.