Weldcraft plans to offer six models of stainless steel water coolers it indicated have been designed to provide consistent, long-term cooling performance on both TIG and MIG welding applications, as well as plasma cutting operations. Each cooler model is available in 115- and 230-volt models and operates on single-phase power. The 2500SS and 2502SS water coolers have a 2-gallon reservoir, while the 3500SS and 3502SS models have a 3-gallon reservoir. The largest of the available models, the 6500SS and 6502SS water coolers, include a 6-gallon reservoir.

Weldcraft manufactures GTAW (TIG) welding torches and accessories.

To reduce coolant temperatures and resist corrosion, the water coolers are fitted with a rugged, stainless steel coolant reservoir with a closed-loop design with a radiator. This design recirculates the coolant through a fan-cooled heat exchanger to prevent the system from overheating. Positive vane-style displacement pumps provide consistent coolant flow and pressure ratings to help increase pump life expectancy, while the water coolers’ thermally-protected 1/3-hp motor provides additional protection against damage associated with overheating. Each cooler features a removable cover that allows for easy access to the pump filter and radiator for routine maintenance, which is recommended to increase the longevity of the products.

Adding to their reliability, the water coolers include factory preset pressure release valves that maintain consistent pressure during operation. They also have 10-foot-long power cords — longer than most commercially available models, according to Weldcraft — to allow for greater maneuverability around the workspace. The water coolers’ standard inlet/outlet torch fittings are compatible with TIG torches and MIG guns that feature standard 5/8-18 left-hand fittings, and adapters are available to convert 1/4-inch fittings, making them a versatile cooling option.