A new MIG system add-on, described as an “exclusive system” by the developer, transforms any MIG torch with direct machine connections into a stud welder. It’s an affordable option for hobbyists or other welders to use to repair damaged sheet metal when a hammer and dolly approach cannot be used.

As detailed by Eastwood, one option for such a problem would be a dedicated stud welder, though that’s likely to be an expensive alternative. Another possibility would be to engage a professional fab or body shop to remove the dents.

Eastwood is a marketplace for tools and supplies used to repair, restore, and modify cars, trucks and motorcycles. It develops new products for home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on repair, restoration, and preservation of cars and motorcycles.

With the Eastwood Stud Welder System, DIYers as well as professionals can easily pull a damaged panel back into shape, or remove dents and dings from doors, hoods, deck lids or quarter panels.

"This system is easy to use and adds versatility to a MIG welder, allowing the enthusiast to cost effectively remove dents,” stated Mark Robideaux, Eastwood product manager and restoration expert.

"After the pins are welded into place using the Eastwood Stud Welder System, just pull the metal flush with the slide hammer, cut and grind the pins, and you'll have a properly shaped surface ready to finish,” he continued. “This stud welder system can save auto body professionals and hobbyists hundreds of dollars in sheet metal repair."

The Eastwood MIG Stud Welding System includes a MIG Stud Nozzle attachment, precision-balanced Slide Hammer, 100 2-mm Pins and a Replacement Slide Hammer Knurled Locking Cam. The MIG Stud Nozzle installs onto any Tweco(R)-style MIG welder or any MIG nozzle with O.D. from 0.375 to 0.827 in. (9.5 to 21 mm).