Weldcraft reports its WP-280 TIG torch is a new option for water-cooled welding applications that offers consistent and dependable cooling in a design that is more efficient than recent models and less susceptible to overheating. Weldcraft specializes in GTAW welding torches and accessories, with several product lines, including the Crafter, WP, MicroTig, and QuickConnect series.

The WP-280 TIG torch body includes an anti-rotation feature that prevents handle movement during welding, thereby improving operator control. Adding to this maneuverability is the torch’s Tri-Flex hose and cable assembly, which is designed for flexibility in cold weather, better operator control, and reduced cracking. Weldcraft’s ColorSmart hose and cable sets differentiate input water, water/power cable, and gas hoses to simplify torch installation.

The WP-280 TIG torch also has features that improve performance and increase product longevity, including durable copper components that maximize current capacity and high-temperature silicone rubber insulation to protect against high-frequency voltage leaks. Mechanical fittings provide a secure gas and water connection to prevent leakage and allow end-users to replace hoses easily, as needed.

The Weld-Ready torch package has installed front-end parts, including a nozzle, a medium back cap, 3/32-inch collet and collet body, and 3-inch length Ceriated tungsten electrode. The torch packages also include a cable cover with a hook-and-loop closure to prevent slippage and provide cable protection, while allowing access for remote finger control cables. Torch packages with part numbers ending in MFD50 include a cable cover that reaches to the power source to reduce cable clutter and offer additional cable protection, as well as a 50-mm dinse connector.

The WP-280 TIG torch is compatible with 13N front-end consumables.